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The Joy of Education!

This project will help prepare students for their high school equivalency diploma(GED).  We will offer adult literacy classes and languages for English and Spanish. Evening Classes coming soon.  Computer programming classes will be offered for seniors wanting to learn the basic computer operations.


Your Dream Closet! 

When you look good you feel good. Dressing up in good clothes helps you to feel better about how you look and feel about yourself. We want you to Dress for Success.  We can connect you with clothes for job searches and interviews. We have partnered with Goodwill and Salvation Army to provide clothes to all people in need in sizes ranging from children to adult men and women.


Save Our Youth! 

This project targets at-risk children and youth and introduces them to an after school mentoring and tutoring program. The program helps students build character, understand team work, perseverance, thankfulness, academic excellence, and making right choices. The program partners with OPS and churches in the community.



Hunger and Variants Surge  


The Pandemic of 2020 reached into 2022 and has wreaked havoc on the lives of  veterans, children, families, and people of all ages facing food insecurities. The  devastation continues with the Omicron Variant among some of our unvaccinated peoples forcing them into depression- hunger and hopelessness. We want to help.  We provide food, hope, and help during these hurting times.  We are making a difference.  We are witnessing a greater number of hunger and homelessness in Orlando. We want to be ready to help bring hope, and help meet needs of the people who are affected by this deadly pandemic in Orlando. We have increased our food pantry hours and days available as well as the amount of food we receive. Contact us for help or for more information.




Finding Freedom in 
Financial independence is economic empowerment. The economic condition in our communities today helps us to realize and push for new efforts in providing people of all ages with the ability to become financially stable. SOJM partners with leading banks in our community to provide free financial counseling and classes that will help change their existing financial hardships into economic ease.   


Leading to Literacy: The 3 R's!

The 3 R's include, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.  These tools include the basic skills of Adult Literacy and no longer apply to just children.  A lack of these basic skills leads to unemployment or low paying jobs. Literacy leads to improving life situations and family and community relations.  We offer classes that involve literacy and more.

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